What We Do

Gun training.  That's what we do.  Handgun, rifle, shotgun, Texas License to Carry (LTC), we are certified instructors in all firearms disciplines.  We teach across the entire Dallas Fort Worth area.  Call us for all your gun training needs.

Private one on one training.   While we do an occasional group class, most of our training is personal one on one to ensure we meet your needs and can fit into your schedule.

Just got a new gun or want one?  What do you do next?  Please call us and learn safe handling and proper shooting techniques.  We suggest you take a class before you buy a gun so you can try several to see what fits your needs.  You will get to try several handguns before you make a purchase.

Want to get your License to Carry (formerly called CHL) ?  (Now called LTC for License To Carry) That's great!  But, please learn to shoot and learn gun safety BEFORE you go to your LTC class.  We are certified by the Texas Department of Public Safety to teach your LTC class and can also package our Pistol 101 training before you attend the LTC class.

Want to buy a gun but don't know which one?  We will have you try many different types of firearms and see what fits your hand, meets your purpose for the gun, and make sure you get the gun you need not  the one your friends think you should get.

Interested in shotgun and clay sports?  There are many different clay sports (Trap, Skeet, 5 Stand, Sporting Clay, etc.) and we teach them all.  We have game specific clinics to teach each clay sports discipline.

We are NRA certified instructors and provide training to people who are interested in safe gun handling or who would like to improve their skills.  Handguns, rifle and shotgun training are all available.  For anyone new to guns, we provide a safe and thorough experience.

We schedule classes around YOUR schedule.  Only have one or two hours per day open?  We can structure comprehensive courses to fit your schedule.  We can train in your home or public training facilities, whichever you need.  See us for all your firearms training needs.



The link below is a good gun range safety video for new shooters produced by the National Shooting Sports Foundation.  Please practice safe storage.

Click HERE to view the gun safety and range video.

Click to learn more about safe gun storage.

Handgun Classes

From beginner to expert we work with all levels of students.  In our classes you will get to shoot a wide variety of different handguns including revolvers and semi-automatic pistols, and we can help you find the handgun that is right for you.

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Shotgun Classes

From Trap to Skeet to Sporting Clay to Hunting, we can help.  We teach new shooters and help experienced shooters hit more targets.  We also offer training on the various shotgun events.

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Other Classes

We also offer Texas License to Carry classes, Personal Protection in the home, Rifle Classes, and Home Firearm Safety Classes.   See the Classes page for more information.  We can also teach you all about the various shotgun games including trap, skeet, 5-stand, and sporting clay.

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First Steps Shotgun Class

In this class you will learn about 4 different types of shotguns (Semi-Automatic, Break Action, Pump, and Bolt Action)  used for Sporting Clay shooting.  Classroom education will teach each shotgun model parts and operation; ammunition; shooting fundamentals; chokes; cleaning the shotgun; and continued opportunities for skill development.  In addition you will spend time on the range shooting targets and honing your technique.  All equipment is provided.  If you own a shotgun and would like to learn more about it please feel free to bring it to class.

Students will receive the Basics of Shotgun Shooting handbook, NRA Gun Safety Rules card, and a  FIRST Steps Course completion certificate.

Register for the NRA First Steps Shotgun Class below or a register for a Private Lesson

Next date TBD, 2022 at 9:00AM - 12:00 noon

$125.000 at the Elm Fork Shooting Sports range

For other shotgun, handgun and rifle classes please visit our CLASSES page.

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Handgun classes, shotgun classes, rifle classes, training in all firearms.  We also provide Texas License to Carry (LTC) Classes.  Check out our various handgun, rifle and shotgun classes.  Schedule your class today!

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